Colombia Experimental Lot 250g

  • Country: Colombia   
  • Region: Cauca
  • Farm: Finca El Paraiso
  • Variety: Castillo
  • Altitude: 1930m
  • Proces: Thermal shock and micro organism fermentation
  • Sensory Profile: Strawberry , Jasmine , Raspberry

Finca El Paraiso is a family business dedicated to the cultivation, processing, production and marketing of high quality coffee at El Paraíso farm, located in the Department of Cauca, municipality of Piendamo, in the village of Los Arados, Colombia.  Diego Samuel Bermudez represents the new generation of farmers, focusing on implementing technologies in all aspects of coffee production, providing answers and solutions to modern challenges in coffee sector.    The farm works on a strict regimen of almost industrial style processing, where cleanliness and controlled environment are key. Together with his family and his team, Diego dedicated himself to improve production through innovation, incorporation of technologies, practices for the cultivation and processing of coffee, with the objective of strengthening his foundation. He started experimenting with fermentation processes, adding different types of microorganisms and yeasts: one of the first in Colombia, he has thus developed recipes that he can repeat on demand. High attention is paid on fertilization programs, strictly according to the necessities of trees. Once gathered, all cherries are washed thoroughly with filtered water to remove all microorganisms present on the skins, and then start their fermentation process following Diego’s own recipes and control. He keeps track of temperature and PH, and has developed a new type of environmentally friendly driers, working a condensation principle: by using cold and warm water, cherries undergo a thermal shock process, that guarantees to spectacular flavours and aromas to be better absorbed by the beans.

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