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    Decalcifying electric coffee machines and water boilers in convenient pre-dosed bags. Available: in boxes of 10 envelopes of 30gr

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    Special coffee grinder cleaner also for grinders incorporated in Superautomatic coffee machines. Born in tablets in 2002. Now in 100% pure crystals. No need to change the grinding. Regenerate the millstones without removing them. Patented innovative technology. With "active" natural substances, food grade. The aroma and taste of coffee improve the cream. Removes mold and fatty deposits. Absorbs the oil and destroys the rancid. Does not release annoying dust. Genuine not harmful not dangerous. Gluten-free or substances. allergenic. Box with IO single-dose sachets of 15g. moon.

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    It cleans and sanitizes all the tools and every surface in stainless steel, lacquered, painted, plastic, glass, mirrors, fixtures, cutting boards, cutlery. 1000 ml spray bottle. Does not release residues or unpleasant odors. No need to rinse. NEW with vegetable ingredients.

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    Puly Caff Powder: the excellence for daily cleaning and maintenance of equipment for espresso coffee machines.Green Power version, produced with sustainable and renewable raw materials.Pack of 510 gr.

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    Steam lance cleaner and cappucinatore for milk and coffee residues with natural ingredients that are completely renewable and environmentally sustainable

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items