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    Light-hearted coffee. Decaffeinato Sereno has a refined taste and a strong aroma, unmistakable Quarta Caffè also decaffeinated.With Sereno everyone can enjoy the pleasure of sipping a good coffee, deliciously rich of the same substances present in coffee with the obvious exception of caffeine, subtracted through a completely natural process.Decaffeinated Sereno is prepared with a careful selection of top quality green coffee.Available in 250 g ground coffee and 500 g beans.

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    The new compostable Sereno Decaffeinated pod obtained with the best decaffeination processes to guarantee the unmistakable taste of Quarta Caffè even without caffeine. Thanks to the single-dose packaging, the preparation is quick and easy: each pod contains the right dose of ground coffee to obtain an excellent result in the cup.Enclosed in a filter paper wrapper that keeps the aroma intact, the pods are compatible with E.S.E.Available in 18 pieces and 150 pieces format

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items